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two silver sinks with signs on them in a bathroom stall next to a toilet paper dispenser
Youre out of order
a do not flush sign posted on the wall
6 Creative Ways to Nick-ify Your Easter Eggs
Sincerely, Janitor, activist, aspiring poet
a black box with a yellow cap on it in front of a white sink and mirror
a black plastic utility cart with two yellow bags
6173 Janitor Cart With Vinyl Bag
6173 Janitor Cart With Vinyl Bag - http://www.hall-fast.com/industrial-commercial-equipment/janitorial-equipment/cleaning-hygiene/janitorial/trolleys-/6173-janitor-cart-with-vinyl-bag/
someone posted this in the bathroom where i work and yes no toilet paper is allowed
Sometimes, the janitor needs to lay down the law.
a note attached to the side of a refrigerator door that says it's your desk is too small to ruin place sit down and piss it like the woman you are
Disgruntled Janitor - LolSnaps
a piece of paper that has been drawn on it with the words, what's been happening lately?
le funyon
LOL!!!!!!!! reasons I do not miss being a janitor ... how DO people do this? my WORD!
a sign warning people not to flush the toilet in this bathroom stall that is on the floor
safety cards, airline safety, illustration, flight, evacuation, instructions, procedures, Airtoons Safety
Funny - Airtoons
the silhouette of a man with a mop in his hand and text that reads, they said i could become anything
I was a janitor for a long time and this shit makes me lol
two yellow caution cones sitting next to each other on the floor in front of a purple wall
Mario Kart-esque banana floor caution signs
people are walking in the snow near benches
Janitor Gets Revenge On His Work Colleagues On A Very Bad Snow Day :) Freaking hilarious!
an image of a swimming pool with caution signs
a lego star wars scene with stormtrooper, darth vader and other toys
You know, when you think about it, the Death Star HAD to have janitors. Kind of weird...
a caution sign on the floor that says, adam west floor
Caution, Batman
Adam West still leaves his mark
two rolls of toilet paper hanging on a wall in a bathroom with the caption, janitor at my work is testing a theory
Janitor Experiment With toilet paper