Fondant pansies- This is another frosting flower, but the design works for clay too, and it's so cute!

Arepas de Yuca (Cassava Arepas) | My Colombian Recipes

Arepas de Yuca (Cassava Arepas)

Corn cakes from Columbia, made from hominy, corn or yucca. They are the equivalent of tortillas in Mexico or bread in Italy. Get the recipe for Arepas Rellenas de Queso (Cheese Stuffed Corn Cakes)

Receta de Almojabana

Receta de Almojabana

Colombian Cheese Bread (Almojábanas) Had to almost double the marasepa! uses cottage cheese

Pernil Asado Colombiano (Colombian-Style Roasted Pork Leg)

Pernil Asado Colombiano (Colombian-Style Roasted Pork Leg)

Almost every Sunday afternoon while growing up in Colombia, my family would get together at my grandmother's house.

Como hacer torta Maria Luisa

Torta María Luisa

As I've mentioned before, I get a lot of e-mails from my readers asking me for traditional Colombian recipes, Torta Maria Luisa or Maria Luisa Cake being one of

receta arepa boyasence

Mixed corn and wheat flour pastry full filled with cheese, with a crunchy crust and soft and slightly moist crumb.