Nail designs on natural nails

Nail designs on natural nails -- Way too long IMO, but these nails for some reason make me think of The Lord of the Rings, so I'm pinning.>>> umm, EXUSE me those are Mortal Instruments nails!

Black and white nail art. But could also work with any two opposite shades. But, being how I am, It would look going with ombre as the base.

Looking for some elegant and stunning black and white nail designs? We've 32 of the best nail designs that can be achieved with black and white nail polish

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33 Floral Nail Polish for Summer

One floral accent nail art: black base (England Camelot) with pink (Dior Rose) and white roses and green (Enchanted Greenpeace on Eart, London Butter British Racing Green and Essie Maximillan Strasse Her) leaves leafs design (brush required)

1911238_507186266090245_2124149661123728504_o.jpg (814×1044)

1911238_507186266090245_2124149661123728504_o.jpg (814×1044)