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Ultra Slimline Wall Hung Water butt (235 Litres)

plumbing + Free Flush System: Ultra Slimline Wall Hung Water butt combines first flush system and makes rainwater harvesting simple Only Holds 62 gallons

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25+ Plantadores de Interior que Harán que Tu Casa se vea más Moderna

Soma planters from Indigenus Planters, designed by Laurie Wiid van Heerden

The geometric design of the Faz outdoor planters allow them to be nested together or used singly. The planters have a planting basin molded into the interior of the planter. They are made of rotationally-molded 100% recyclable polyethylene and resistant to extreme heat, cold and UV. Buy $2,500

Vondom Faz Planter - The Vondom Faz Planter draws the eye with its asymmetrical design and angled shapes.

Ô Clay Accessories

mulkproductdesign: “ Ionna Vautrin’s ‘O Clay’ range of accessories for moustache are ‘Stocky’, ‘Slim’ and ‘Plump’. Images from Mocoloco.

zimmerpflanzen pflegeleicht aloe vera kakteen sukkulenten

Zimmergrünpflanzen Bilder und inspirierende Deko Ideen

Succulents in pots various sized and coloured pots. Pinned to Garden Design - Pots & Planters by Darin Bradbury.

"You know... I like it! But... it's a bit difficult to get out of!"

Thomas Heatherwick Studio's chair "Spun," which made Tara's list of faves, is taken for a test spin by a visitor to the museum.

nido nest cave by Javier Mariscal, 2005, Rotational-molded polyethylene, Made in Italy by Magis

Magis nido nest cave

Flame sculptural lamp by Sebastian Bergne, manufactured by Serralunga…

A sculptural lamp that recalls the archetypal form of a flame and the primordial connection between light and fire.

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Resultado de imagen para juguetes rotomoldeo