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two desserts with whipped cream in bowls on a table
Pumpkin Sticky Toffee Puddings for Two Recipe
Pumpkin Sticky Toffee Puddings for Two Recipe - NYT Cooking
a glass bowl filled with cranberry sauce on top of a red napkin next to a spoon
Classic Cranberry Sauce Recipe
NYT Cooking: Nothing beats the puckery-sweet jolt of cranberry sauce. It's a sharp knife that cuts through all the starchy food on the menu. This recipe is for the traditionalists.
a pie sitting on top of a wooden table
Hot Buttered Rum Apple Pie
Hot buttered rum apple pie - As the name suggests, this ridiculously delicious pie is a perfect combination of hot buttered rum and apple pie.
a sliced ham on a cutting board next to some oranges and an onion basket
Brandy-Brined Turkey Breast
This brandy-brined turkey breast is moist and tender, thanks to an overnight brine, and it skips the hassle of awkward carving. Just slice and serve.
some pieces of food on a white plate with cinnamon sticks next to it and two napkins
Pumpkin Spice Toffee
This pumpkin spice toffee is an easy confection made with pecans, pumpkin pie spice, and white chocolate that's perfect for dessert or gifting.
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a pecan pie with one slice missing from it
Maple Pecan Pie
This maple pecan pie, made with a buttery oat crust, and a sweet, crunchy filling, is an autumn favorite.
an ice cream sundae on a plate next to a wine bottle
Pecan Pie Bread Pudding
This pecan pie bread pudding mash-up combines the gooey rich pie filling with tender bread pudding.
a white plate topped with slices of pie
Eggnog Pie
Eggnog pie, made with rum-spiked custard in a graham cracker crust, is a quintessential holiday dessert.
a piece of cake sitting on top of a white plate
Pecan Torte with Bourbon Whipped Cream
This almost flourless pecan torte is rich with pecans, eggs, and sugar. On top is a dollop of bourbon-spiked whipped cream. Great with coffee.
a casserole dish filled with pasta and sauce on a wooden cutting board next to a napkin
Cheesy Hasselback Potato Gratin Recipe
NYT Cooking: Hasselback potato gratin, from the acclaimed food science writer J. Kenji López-Alt, has been engineered to give you both creamy potato and singed edge in each bite. The principal innovation here is placing the sliced potatoes in the casserole dish vertically, on their edges, rather than laying them flat as in a standard gratin, in order to get t...
a slice of cheesecake on a black plate with a fork next to the pie
Galatoire’s Sweet Potato Cheesecake Recipe
This recipe is adapted from a popular dessert served at Galatoire's, a famed New Orleans restaurant founded on Bourbon Street, in 1905 A simple graham cracker crust is filled with cinnamon-spiced sweet potato cheesecake then topped with a lightly-sweetened layer of sour cream It is to die for.