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Acorn Ice Cream: Wild Foraged Recipes - After leaching acorns, one of my favorite ways to use acorns is in a batch of homemade ice cream. This 5 ingredient ice cream is so simple to make and tastes delicious made with roasted acorn. acorn recipes | foraged food recipes | wild food foraging edible plants | unique ice cream flavors
Acorn Pancakes With Cornmeal


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A Discovery of Witches: Master Prior's Duck Pie recipe
A recipe for Elizabethan french toast inspired by the book, Shadow of Night, from the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness.  Find more recipes from, A Discovery of Witches, on the blog!  #recipes #ShadowofNight #AdiscoveryofWitches

A Discovery of Witches

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10min · 20 servings


Flour• Sugar •Brown sugar •eggs •baking soda •baking powder •salt• vanilla extract •chocolate chips •nuts (optional)
Amish Pineapple Pie Recipe by Tastes of Lizzy T

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Easy Turkish Baklava Recipe (Bakery Style) - Give Recipe


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Apple Cinnamon Biscotti


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Bread Pudding

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These healthy brownies are gluten-free, dairy-free, and are made from a quinoa base. They're soft and fudgy and descendant, and 100% healthy!


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Perhaps the perfect summertime dessert, this old fashioned peach cobbler features biscuit dough on the top AND bottom. Perfect for topping with ice cream!
No Bake Classic Woolworth Cheesecake
People are always shocked by the ingredients in this AMAZING cake... but Granny knew her stuff!


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​5 Herbal Chocolate Bark Recipes for the Holidays – Herbal Academy
These homemade grape gummies are a fun way to enjoy the grape harvest. You can start with fresh grapes or store bought grape juice.


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​​​​CBD Recipes & Benefits From Grow Forage Cook Ferment
Cannabutter Cookies!


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Learn how to make pine tree cookies with this pine needle recipe, a perfect addition to your homemade cookie recipes collection. These Christmas sugar cookies, made with real pine needles, offer a delightful winter flavor ideal for holiday gatherings. They're a wonderful way to incorporate foraged pine needles into your holiday baking and share your passion for nature. Find more homemade desserts, foraging recipes, and holiday desserts at
Discover the unique taste of fermented pine needle soda, one of my favorite pine needle recipes when it comes to wild food foraging. Made with just three ingredients, this naturally fermented drink offers a delightful citrusy, pine, and minty flavor. Often compared to pine needle sprite for its fizziness and natural taste, it's a wonderful way to enjoy foraged ingredients. Learn more about fermentation for beginners, natural remedies, and healthy drinks recipes at
Learn how to make lotion bars with pine infused oil, one of the easiest pine needle recipes. Utilizing wild foraged pine needles, these DIY lotion bars offer moisturizing benefits for dry winter skin and are perfect for handmade holiday gifts. Their forest-like scent and nourishing properties make them ideal for your natural skin care routine. Discover more about herbalism for beginners, DIY natural products, and natural remedies at

Conifer Needles

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Make every meal magical with The Witch’s Cookbook, your very own recipe grimoire!Chefs and bakers may seem to wield magic in the way they can whip up the most amazing dishes and desserts. But they are nothing compared to the original brewmasters—witches! Featuring over 50 wickedly delicious recipes, The Witch’s Cookbook is your short-and-sweet go-to for quick-and-easy meals with a mystical flair. Each recipe is witchcraft themed and can be made with traditional ingredients, plus a little bit of

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Margarita Cupcakes
These vegan sweet potato muffins are made with spelt flour and applesauce. There's so much goodness packed into one little muffin! Made with wholesome ingredients, these sweet potato muffins have a natural sweetness from flavorful sweet potatoes. They're so great, some people call them morning glory muffins! #breakfast #snack #muffins


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Absolutely beautiful black lace elderberry
This elderberry cocktail recipe is a festive and delicious way to celebrate fall! Made with elderberry syrup, it even has some health benefits as well. It's the perfect foraged holiday cocktail!


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Food Art

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Frog Legs

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Il plumcake con sorpresa è un dolce soffice, perfetto per la colazione dei giorni di festa, che nasconde in sé una candida stella alla vaniglia...una magica sorpresa che si scopre al taglio delle fette e che farà la gioia dei piccoli di casa e non solo! Ho realizzato il plumcake con sorpresa a st
Spiced Apple Star Bread

Fruit Breads

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Dothraki Flat Bread – Cooking Is My Sport
Game of Thrones: Old Bear's Hot Spiced Wine - Feast of Starlight

Game of Thrones

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Ginger honey, or honey fermented ginger, is good food and good medicine. It's the perfect remedy to have on hand for cold and flu season. The anti-inflammatory and warming properties of ginger make it perfect for soothing coughs and sore throats.
DIY Ginger Juice Tea: A Potent Antiviral | Herbal Academy | Learn how ginger can have a very potent antiviral effect on the body when used at the first sign of a viral illness in this DIY ginger juice tea!


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Harry Potter Recipes

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