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15 Peinados de Halloween para ser la reina de la oscuridad Kostuum Halloween, Halloweenský Makeup, Halloween Make-up Looks, Fröhliches Halloween, Creepy Halloween Makeup, Looks Halloween, Cool Halloween Makeup, Halloween Makeup Inspiration, Halloween Tattoo
15 Peinados terroríficamente bellos para que seas la reina de las fiestas de Halloween
15 Peinados de Halloween para ser la reina de la oscuridad
the back of a woman's white corset
Mette Nedergaard Jakobsen
neck corset
Bastet , Goddess of Cats by cyanthree on DeviantArt
symbols of the ancient world are depicted in this graphic above an image of egyptian symbols
Bast, the Cat Goddess of Egypt: Symbols and Worship
Symbols of Bast She was represented in the form of a domestic cat, or as a woman with a cat’s head, who always carries an ankh (Egyptian cross of life) or in other cases a sistrum (musical instrument) because she especially liked that the humans will dance and play music in his honor. The domestication of cats first occurred in Egypt about 4,000 years ago, in conjunction with the religious cult of Bast/Bastet. The Egyptians buried mummified cats with the dead symbolizing the protection...
the head of an egyptian cat with blue eyes and gold details on it's face
Bastet, ☾ Ino Moon ☾