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an open book with water lilies and leaves on it, being held by someone's hand
Pop-up BOOK : The Trees
Pop-up BOOK : The Trees on Behance
a cake decorated with flowers on top of a white plate
a sculpture made out of rocks with plants growing on it's top and bottom
The Path of Least Resistance 2009
a bench made out of cinder blocks with numbers on the sides and plants in pots
How to build a Besser block bench seat
two metal lamps sitting on top of green grass
unique metal home accessories — MUSEUM OUTLETS
a coffee cup with a miniature house in it on top of a white saucer
Artist Roxann Dyess's miniatures on display at Episcopal Church of the Redeemer
an assortment of succulents and rocks are arranged on wooden planks in a garden
a white shed with a yellow rocking chair and potted plants on the front porch
a small shed with two rocking chairs on the porch