Mito del maíz

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a piece of paper with drawings of fruits and vegetables on it, including pineapples
Ingredientes para el champús.
a child's paper with pictures of people on it
Actividad el fogón de las abuelas.
a piece of paper that has been written on it with pictures of people and animals
Receta para el champús y dibujo del mito del origen del maíz.
a child's drawing is shown on a piece of paper
Dibujo sobre el mito del origen del maíz - Emily Castañeda.
a child's paper cut out of a house
Poster sobre el mito del oringen del maíz - Johan Sebástian Escobar
a child's drawing of two people in the woods
Dibujo sobre el mito del maíz
a piece of paper that has some drawings on it with words in spanish and english
Ingredientes del champus - Yherlyn Michel Guachá R.
a drawing of an old woman cooking food on a gridded table with pineapples and other fruits
Ingredientes del champús
a hand holding a paper plate with food on it and a sign that says chapuys y empanadas valunas
Escultura sobre champús y empanadas vallunas.
a piece of paper with an image of corn on the cob
Dibujo Emily Castañeda 4-2