Clark Kent

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My favorite comic book hero. He was born Kal-El but raised as Clark Kent and fights crime as Superman. From Christopher Reeve's interpretation to present.

Rob G. De Vera
Superman by Jorge Jimenez

Superman by Jorge Jimenez

Man of Steel. The S is not a letter, but a Kryptonian symbol. Two schools of thought: It stands for the House of El and in the newest movie is defined as the symbol for Hope. Symbolically the same thing.



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Vintage Superman minimaliste affiche A3 Prints par MyGeekPosters

Vintage Minimalist Superman Poster Prints | Etsy

Vintage Minimalist Superman Poster Prints Toutes les images utilisées sont uniquement à des fins illustratives. Pas la taille réelle de l’affiche. *** Note: Tache / Marques de peinture sur l’impression sont d’améliorer la conception vintage DÉTAILS D’IMPRESSION : • Imprimé sur papier texturé 220gsm épais haut de gamme : 8x10 à 12x18 • Imprimé sur papier photo Semi-Gloss 250gsm: 16x20, A2, A1 • L’impression est livré avec environ 5mm bordure blanche • La conception sera…

Superman: George Reeves by on @deviantART

Superman: George Reeves by jonpinto on DeviantArt

The iconic Superman from the 1950's!! Superman: George Reeves

Superman Beyond Christopher Reeves' Superman Covers by Philip Postma
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Superman Beyond Christopher Reeves' Superman Covers by Philip Postma

Superman Through The Years

Henry Cavill

A couple of months ago in an exclusive interview for our site Ed Gross told us how he was among 20 journalists on the set of Immortals, where he met a...

️Superman Fan? ME!!

️Superman Fan? ME!!

Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent.

A Look Back at the Hottest Supermen of All Time

It's a bird...It's a plane... It's a lot of super hot men in spandex!

Superman changing from Clark Kent to our hero!

Superman III (1983) - Richard Lester | Synopsis, Characteristics, Moods, Themes and Related | AllMovie

In a major departure from the tone of the preceding two Superman adventure films, this mix of vile deeds and fantasy heroics drops the "S" out of cosmic and goes for comic instead. Right at the starting gate, Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor) and a subsequent slapstick sequence upstage (Christopher Reeves again), who later develops an identity crisis. Gorman, newly trained as a computer whiz, starts working for a conglomerate run by the corporate nemesis Ross Webster (Robert Vaughn), intent on…