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there are many chickens in the coop together
Chicken Coop Ideas & Everything Backyard Chicken | Just sharing an idea for roosting | Facebook
a black and yellow sign with a chicken on it's side that says jurasic bank
Jurassic Bawk Coop on Barfield Urban Farm
two pictures side by side, one with plastic covering and the other has a baseball bat in it
a drawing of a chicken sitting on top of a piece of paper with a pencil in it's mouth
a drawing of a pink bird with blue feet
Challenge 22 | Let’s try vegan!
Today is International Respect For Chickens Day, but unfortunately, respect is non-existent for 99.9% of chickens that currently live in the world. 💔 The majority of chickens (mainly hens) exploited in the egg and meat industries don't have access to something as basic as pure natural air and sunlight. 😓 👉 For free help going vegan click the link below 🎥: VeganFTA Clips from: 'santuarioveganpoint' on IG #chickens #chicken #eggs #animalrights #veganism
an illustration of a bird with the words chickens can dream
Challenge 22 | Let’s try vegan!
“Chickens dream just like we do. They experience REM (rapid eye movement) during sleep, indicating that their minds may be wandering far from the four walls of the factory farms where they are imprisoned” - PETA 🐔💔⁠ 👉 For free help keeping animals in your heart and off your plate visit the link below ⁠ #chicken #chickens #animalart #illustration #animalrights
a rooster standing on top of a dirt field
Friends of Farmed Animals🐮 | ‘Rowdy the Rooster’ is a true beauty. | Facebook
a fox holding a glass of wine in front of a stained glass window with candles
High Church Coyote (Episcopal Humor) | Facebook
Friends of Farmed  Animals🐮 | Facebook
Friends of Farmed Animals🐮 | Facebook