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Builds Cozy Little Cob House for A farmer built this cozy little cob house using mostly reclaimed materials.A farmer built this cozy little cob house using mostly reclaimed materials. Maison Earthship, Earthship Home, Earthship Design, Cob Building, Building A House, Green Building, Earth Bag Homes, Mud House, Cottage House

Farmer Builds Cozy Little Cob House for £150 - Off Grid World

A farmer built this cozy little cob house using mostly reclaimed materials.

Massey Burke uses clay soil, straw, and sand to create small projects with large impact. “Most Americans have never lived in anything truly hand-built,” Burke says. “We are so accustomed to stick-

The Art of Natural Building

Bathrooms in oriental style purified version - Trendy Home Decorations Bathrooms in oriental style p


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If you want to live like a princess, this Snow White house is your fairytale dream come true.

Live Like a Princess? The Snow White Fairy-Tale Cottage Is Totally Dreamy

The “Snow White cottage” in Olalla, WA, is up for sale. The home has an asking price of only $775K, a price that includes 7.5 acres of fairytale whimsy.

All About Cob: A Sculptural, Natural Building Material - WebEcoist Cob Building, Green Building, Building A House, Maison Earthship, Earthship Home, Eco Construction, Earth Bag Homes, Mud House, Adobe House

All About Cob: A Sculptural, Natural Building Material - WebEcoist

Want to build your own completely customized, artistic, totally non-toxic house with a material that's literally dirt cheap? Roll up your sleeves and dive into this primer on cob, an earthen mixture that is used to build fireproof, earthquake-resistant, natural structures from homes to pizza ovens. Here you'll learn

This Cob House: Cob House & Natural Building Designs - decoratoo

Sculpting a Life: An Oregon Cob Cottage

Crafting a home and garden out of mud, an Oregon couple live a sustainable lifestyle in a cob cottage.

Eco Friendly Building Materials and Sustainable Living

little house with sculpted cob walls looks out over the banks of a small stream in Somerset, England. I really like cob homes. Earthship, Natural Homes, Unusual Homes, Earth Homes, Natural Building, Cabins And Cottages, Little Houses, The Hobbit, My Dream Home

Great Idea: Live Tiny, Go Cob — Irwin Weiner Interiors

Irwin Weiner ASID - Here's a great trivia question for you: What's the most widely used global building material for homes? If you guessed wood ... you would be wrong. How about brick? Wrong again. ​

A Hobbit-hole in my Backyard: The Door Takes Shape (Round, of Course)

How to build a hobbit door... work in progress...

Cob building basics: diy house of earth and straw build your own mortgage-free home with low-cost and local materials using cob-building. I like designs on .

Various features of Cob building

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Rocket stove heater in a cob house.

Rocket Stove Thermal Mass Heaters

Rocket Mass Heater - Burn Tiny Amounts Of Wood - Heats For Well Over 12 Hours A rocket stove mass heater or rocket mass heater, is an innovative and efficient space heating system developed from the rocket stove, a type of hyper-efficient wood-burning stove, named in the 70's, but dating back millennia in concept, and the masonry heater. Wood is gravity fed into a 'J shaped' combustion chamber, from where the hot gases enter a heavily insulated metal or fire-brick vertical secondary…

Amazing Tricks: Natural Home Decor Earth Tones Couch natural home decor feng shui front doors.Natural Home Decor Feng Shui Front Doors natural home decor wood.Natural Home Decor Diy Mason Jars. Natural Homes, Natural Home Decor, Cob Building, Building A House, Green Building, Casa Dos Hobbits, Eco Construction, Earthship Home, Beautiful Front Doors

It's my cake day, so here's some cob cottage porn.

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