8th Grade Math Lessons and Ideas

Engaging activities and resources for Common Core Math Grade 8, including inquiry, tasks, group work, centers, games, and hands-on learning
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8th grade math End of year review
This collaborative coloring activity helps students prepare for state testing. They each solve problems, color by solution, and then join their pages together to reveal a mystery picture!
Volume booklets with rectangular prism, triangular prism, cylinder, pyramid, cone, sphere
Practice volume formulas and real world word problems with different 3d figures. Grab these books for your 8th grade math students or geometry students.
8th grade math review game cards
Review for state testing at the end of the year with fun games!
Get ready for Algebra 1
See if your students are ready for algebra I! This pack includes these prerequisite skills for students to practice: • properties, factors, multiples • Rational number operations • order of operations • Translating expressions • Working with fractions • equations & percentages • Inequalities
8th grade math curriculum - discovery & activity based
Full year of resources for teaching eighth grade math with rigor and engagement!
8th grade math door decoration for the end of the year
Here’s what you need to create this classroom decoration: • Bright paper • Scissors • Printer with black ink • tape • Pdf kit from Rise over Run The pieces of the large 8 each feature topics from eighth grade math. And you can edit them if needed. Perfect way to celebrate the end of the school year!
Teaching volume of cylinders, spheres, & cones?
Be sure to include a variety of practice problems for 8th grade geometry! Start with the basics, then include composite figures, and then see if students can figure out a missing dimension when given the total volume. Task cards are a great way to differentiate and deepen students thinking.
an image of a hand holding a cup with the text 8th grade geometry engage students multi - standard challenges
Wrap up the 8th grade geometry unit with these hands on challenges!
Practice transformations, volume, angles, and Pythagorean theorem with these fun activities.
some sort of foldables with text that reads,'transform information folds foldables '
Transformations Foldable Notes for translations, reflections, rotations, & dilations