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three people are standing in front of each other, one is wearing black pants and the other has white shirt
Balthier - Ffamran Mid Bunansa (FFXII)
By Akihiko Yoshida
a man in armor is standing with his hands on his hips
Costume Designs, Vetements, Costume, Fantasy
Illustrators, Female Armor, Fantasy Warrior, Female Character Design
Dark and Soulless Paladin | Eorzea Collection
Female Knight, Character Drawing
Character Concept, Armor Concept, Game Character Design, Concept Art Character, Character Design Male, Fantasy Heroes
come back home, 59 OGU (Jieun Eo)
Concept Art, Character Modeling, Female Characters
모험을 떠나는 소녀, young *
Anime Character Design, Character, Character Portraits
a drawing of a witch holding a wand and wearing a black outfit with long hair
witch style
work on your shadow self!
Anime Fantasy, Female Wizard
an old book with different designs and numbers on it, including letters that have been drawn in
The Davistown Museum
a mannequin dressed in an old fashion dress
a drawing of a man dressed in medieval clothing and holding his hands on his hips
0405, Min.K Shin
there are many different colored shirts hanging on the rack
two men in armor sitting on horses with one holding the other's hand and looking at each other
two people dressed in medieval clothing standing next to each other