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a man wearing sunglasses next to an image of a cat with blue eyes and blonde hair
a person sitting at a desk with a cell phone in their hand and an image of a guy smiling
a man wearing headphones and glasses in front of a microphone with the caption that reads, el 200 no puede sombreme mas bizzarap session de bizarre
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dibujo de valen
three men holding a banner that says querers son mi novia?
four different pictures with the same caption in spanish and english, one has an image of a young man
Mateo Palacios
the tweet has been written in spanish and english
a man pointing at a button with the words on it and an image of a person holding
Lo más random
a man sitting in a chair wearing a black shirt
three men standing next to each other in front of a man with his head down
Mateo Palacios