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a white desk topped with a mirror and lights
a white vanity with lights on it in a bedroom
a living room with black couches and pink pillows on the rug in front of the window
room setup🫶🏾
a bathroom with a sink, toilet and bathtub
Bathroom interior
a bathroom decorated in black and white with palm leaves on the wall behind the toilet
Jackie Aina Shared Her $1,600 Worth of Bathroom Must-Haves
Jackie Aina Shared Her $1,600-Worth of Bathroom Must-Haves
the hallway is decorated with christmas lights and garlands on the door, along with stairs
like a million fucking publishes | nicole-klisares
four different views of a bookcase with shelves on each side and an open shelf at the top
a person's feet with slippers on in front of a black and white wallpapered bedroom