Climate change impact on animals & the planet

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an info sheet describing the different types of sea animals and how they are used to study them
How plastic debris affects the marine life in the oceans:
an elephant laying on the ground next to a fallen tree
The message in this picture is powerful… on imgfave
It's never just a tree...
a group of people standing on top of a snow covered hill next to a sign
#GlobalWarming effects...
the instructions for making a plastic bottle holder
An #environmentally-friendly way to store stuff in your kicthen:
the beach is covered with seaweed and green algaes, as well as an old pier
England's dirty beaches set to fail EU's new stricter clean water regulations. More:
two pictures one shows an empty container and the other shows debris
Researchers study 18,000 hours of deep sea footage, find ocean seafloor is covered in trash
two shoes with plants in them sitting on a table next to each other and one has a plant growing out of it
Repurposed Shoe Planter:
an image of how coal power is making us sick in the world's environment
What really happens to humans after years of exposure to coal plant emissions Full report:
Stop Pollution Environmental Art, Air Pollution Poster, Environmental Posters, Air Pollution, Copy Ads
Stop Pollution
a gray cat laying on top of leaves next to a metal bottle and tree branch
Trap-Neuter-Release is not a humane or effective solution for feral cats
animals get killed by our trash
Ask yourself Critical Thinking, Social Justice, Social Issues, Truth, Environmental Issues, Destroying
Ask yourself
two birds sitting on the ground next to each other with words in spanish and english
don't throw it on the ground
three men standing around a polar bear on the snow
Protect Polar Bears
Stop hunting for polar bears & the fur trade. Petition: