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a man in a blue suit is holding a green ball with the map of the united states painted on it
Makeup and hair pros share 55 unexpected beauty hacks
It seems like if you’ve seen one beauty hack, you’ve seen them all, but we’ve collected some unique ways of keeping your hair, skin, nails, and beauty tools in great shape using some unexpected tricks and items from around your house.
two penguins are flying in the air with their beaks open and one penguin has its mouth open
chocolate chip cookie dough dip in a white bowl with text overlay that reads, tastes just like cookie dough
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip
a text message that reads, me grads don't really matter at the end of the day
two semi trucks driving down a highway with the caption saying, savor the moment they're never, ever getting back together
Randomness Is Awesomeness
three boys sitting in seats with the caption'three types of people on a rollercoaster get me off my seat
Me always
Me always