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a cat sitting in a pan on top of a stove
two tweets with the same caption for each other, one has an eye patch
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an image of the beach with rocks and shells on it that reads, he that sirius was going to ask the hat to put him in
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the harry potters are talking to each other about what they're going for
the text is displayed in black and white, with an orange stripe on top of it
In Case Anyone Is Still Wondering Why Molly Was Asking About The Platform Number
an open book with the words'do you know why books find it? '
Bookworms - FunSubstance
an old document with some type of writing on the front and back pages, in black ink
Imposter ✔️(R.Black & S.Black & J.Potter) - Chapter LXIII: Negative
two young boys sitting at a desk with books and papers in front of them, one reading
Harry Potter Memes - The Walmart Employee
four different images of the same woman with her hair blowing in the wind, and one showing
the text is written in black and white with an image of a book on it