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Personalized hand embroidered corner bookmark
💝A special gift for book lovers! 🔖Embrace your vision of coziness and simplicity with this hand-stitched, personalized corner bookmark. 😊😊Get it👉 https://starryclothes.com/bloomy-line
Brazilian Rose Embroidery Design for Beginners !!
Brazilian flower embroidery, also known as Brazilian dimensional embroidery, is a type of embroidery that originated in Brazil. It is characterized by its use of raised stitches and the creation of three-dimensional flowers and other designs. The embroidery is typically done on a base fabric, such as linen or cotton, and can be worked in a variety of thread types, including rayon, cotton, or silk.
the diagram shows how to use scissors and other tools for cutting wire, which is attached to
ladder stitch
Ladder stitch is worked back and forth between two parallel lines and forms two chains with longer threads in between—just like a ladder! H...
Румынское кружево на ткани | Romanian lace on fabric | new design
Romanian lace on fabric | new design