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how to repot aloe vera step by step guide
Repotting Aloe Vera: When & How To Do It Step By Step - Get Busy Gardening
When it comes to repotting aloe vera plants, learning the right process is key to their long term health. In my beginners guide on how to repot aloe vera plants, I’ve laid out everything you need to successfully transplant one that’s pot-bound into a new container. I’ve covered the basics like choosing the right soil, containers, and potting supplies, and also shared helpful tips on how to know when it’s time, how often to repot aloe vera plants, and step by step instructions on doing it right.
there are some plants that have been planted in the soil with gardening shears on top
How to Propagate a Snake Plant So You Can Share It with Friends
three potted plants with the words choosing the best snake plant soil and how to make your own
Snake Plant Soil: How To Choose The Best Sansevieria Potting Mix
If you want to create the best growing environment for your snake plant, choosing the right soil mixture is key. In this guide I’ve shared everything you need to know about how to choose the best soil for snake plants. I’ve listed what qualities to look for in commercial mixes, and shared my sansevieria soil mix recipe so you can make your own if you want too. By using my tips you’ll know exactly how to evaluate different options and make sure that your snake plant is in the best one possible.
DIY Potassium Rich Plant Fertilizer
a handwritten note written in black ink on white paper with writing underneath the notes
four different types of plants in pots with the words 5 herbs that thrive indoors
5 Herbs That Thrive Indoors
two buckets with plants growing out of them and the words, grow strawberries at home using a laundry basket from the dollar store
Grow strawberries at home using a laundry basket from the dollar store
three lettuce plants with the words, 10 foods that regrow with water
How to Regrow Food in Water: 10 Foods that Regrow Without Dirt
Save money and regrow food scraps in water. Perfect if you don't have room for a vegetable garden & are trying to save a few bucks! But which veggies or fruit will regrow from scrap? We've compiled a list beyond just green onions, lettuce and celery. And also included how to regrow them by putting the roots in water and more! #veggies #regrow
Sleep Apnoea, Sleep Apnea, Household Plants, Best Indoor Plants, Indoor Plants
These 4 Plants For Your Bedroom Will Cure Insomnia and Sleep Apnea
herbs that should be planted together and those that should not
Herbs That Grow Together In a Pot
bathroom with plants in the window and text overlay that reads 9 best plants for windows bathrooms
9 Best Plants for Bathrooms Without Windows!
some plants are growing in mason jars on the table and another plant is growing out of them
Herb garden