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उच्च क्रिएटिनिन के लिए होम्योपैथी दवाओं की सूची

रक्त में क्रिएटिनिन, एक रासायनिक अपशिष्ट उत्पाद जो आपके शरीर द्वारा निर्मित होता है और गुर्दे द्वारा फ़िल्टर किया जाता है, का स्तर उम्र और शरीर के आकार के आधार पर भिन्न हो सकता है। यदि आप निर्जलित (dehydrated) हैं, रक्त की मात्रा कम है, बड़ी मात्रा में मांस पदार्थ खाया है या कुछ दवाएं…

Anger Management; Natural Therapy Remedies that are Safe

Homeopathic medicines like Nux Vomica, Staphysagria, Tarentula Hispanica, Chamomilla help balance the mood, negative thoughts that lead to anger and alter angry temperaments

होम्योपैथी में तंत्रिका दर्द का इलाज, Nerve Pain Treatment

Homeopathy medicines for nerve damage and pain include Kali Phos, Gnaphallium, Hypericum, Arsenicum alb, Agaricus, Zincum Met, Colocynth, Causticum. Buy online at homeomart

Remedies For Vitiligo | Homeopathy Plus

The homeopathic and conventional approach to vitiligo is compared. Useful remedies and relevant studies are included.

Remedies For Hair Loss | Homeopathy Plus

A study conducted in Scotland revealed that 90 percent of patients with patchy hair loss opted for homeopathy as the first choice of treatment.

Homeopathy: Physician’s Perspective | Homeopathy Plus

A homeopathic doctor responds to a criticism of homeopathy by explaining how, in the face of all available evidence, there's just no way to justify the placebo argument

Somi – An Aggressive Child | Homeopathy Plus

Somi was an angry 7-year-old facing expulsion from school. His mother was at her wits end but decided to try homeopathy. Here's what happened.

Dementia: A Homeopathic Perspective | Homeopathy Plus

Two cases, both with senile dementia, were each treated with a different remedy. Read their symptoms and why the remedies were chosen.

Homeopathy Remedy Tips. Pulsatilla for Period pain.

Homeopathic remedies for menstrual cramps. Pulsatilla 200 for periods.

Best Homeopathic Remedy For Insomnia. Coffea Cruda, One of the Best Remedies

These are a few homeopathic remedies that can help with sleep problems. Coffea Cruda is one of the best remedies to aid sleep.

Drosera Rotundifolia Homeopathy Medicine Indications

Shop quality homeopathic medicines from leading brands like SBL, Dr.Reckeweg, Schwabe etc. Widest range of Dilutions, Mother Tinctures, Tablets from Indian and German homeopathic companies. Delivery all across India with Cash on Delivery (COD) option. Worldwide shipping available.

Colocynthis Homeopathy medicine as per materia medica

Everything you wanted to know about colocynthis homeopathy medicine including medicinal indications, patient profile, dosage, medicine list etc