Идеи для шитья

Идеи для шитья

Beautiful bohemian necklaces whipped up from inexpensive items from a local craft shop.

DIY Flower Style Pillow

DIY-Flower-Style-Pillow on a bigger scale this would make a great floor cushion or dog bed

patchwork cushion

Handmade Chunky Button Cushion

Almohada de mariposas bordada cinta de seda azul y por bstudio

Butterflies pillow cover, Silk pillow cover, Silk ribbon embroidery, Silk cushion cover, Embroidered butterflies pillow cover

applique cushion

Personalised Alphabet Cushion

Are you interested in our Patchwork Appliqued Alphabet Cushion? With our Personalised Alphabet Cushion you need look no further.

Gorgeous chic pillow cushion ❤

Inspirational pillow combo to get me going. I love the look and think a simple bag using this as a layout would be awesome.