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a heart shaped ornament is hanging on a piece of driftwood with seaweed and shells
Beach Heart #43 by Eileen Williams
three seaglass coasters sitting on top of each other
Sea Glass Designs | Decorations & Art
a piece of art hanging from a metal hook
a quilted wall hanging with the sun setting over water
Landscapes Quilts Gallery - Art Quilts by Sharon
a heart shaped brooch with two birds hanging from it's side on a hook
a piece of art that is hanging on a wall
Fiber Art Quilts-Beachscape
a piece of art hanging on a wall next to a tree branch and black background
a piece of art hanging on a wall next to a wooden hanger with an orange and blue design
Fiber Art Quilts-Allure of the Sea
a painting with blue water and sand on it
Beach and Dunes Art Quilt - Art Quilts by Sharon