Tutorial: Autumn leafs nails

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Pokeball nail art

Remember that I shared a Pokémon nail art design yesterday? This is a version I made a little while ago!

St. Patrick’s day nail art

Day I think this is going very fast! For today, I decided to create a St. Patrick’s day nail art design. I never made one before because we actually don’t celebrate it in the Netherlands but thought it would.

Bow nail art

Using light colors, draw random bows in the middle of the nails and highlight them with polka dot designs.

Cute bunny nail art

I made a bunny nail art tutorial before but that was a little bit on the hard side. These little bunnies are super cute and would be perfect for easter as.

Tribal / Aztec nail art

Rock this tribal nail art at any music festival this summer. Using hot pink and aqua this nail design makes a statement.

Banana nail art

Day 5 and I thought banana’s would be a great idea! As I’m sick at the moment, these healthy nails would do good for me! ^^ I decided to choose a beautiful bright purple for the background because I think.

Easter Roses nail art

For today, I wanted to create an easter nailart design. I thought that the color purple with roses and dots was an amazing combo for this year. Creating roses is super easy.