Faça um porta-velas de renda usando balões :)

15 Coisas incríveis que você não sabia que poderia fazer com balões de festa

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Diy Fun World: DIY how to reuse cans of child milk in a flower pot

Today we have a cool diy for you, how to reuse cans of child milk in a flower pot. With a little heat the ends of the cords are .

Christmas Candle Votive Holder 1. Fillglass with Flake Snow. 2. Hot glue figurines around lid, placeinside glass. 3. Hot Glue stems to front of glass. 4. Tie bow withRibbon, stick to stems, then stick 3 bells to center of ribbon bow,using hot

Christmas Candle Votive Holder GlueArts Designer: Kristen Swain Supplies: Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks Dollar Store Wine Glass Vi.

Almohada anillo de bodas, Champagne, oro, bronceado, crema, marfil, cojín de encaje, boda Vintage, Gatsby, elegante, broche, cristales, perlas

Ring Bearer Pillow - Bridal Pillow in Champagne, Tan, Nude and Ivory with Lace, Brooch, Jewels and Pearls- Vintage PassionT

Diy: Lámpara de tapetes de ganchillo con un globo : x4duros.com

Blow up a balloon, cover it in doilies using a craft glue. When it's dry, pop the balloon & you have an awesome decoration. Bet you could use it as the lampshade on a small pendant light, too. Great-gramma's and my MIL's doilies may find another use.