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two cats wearing party hats with caption i love that we can be weird together
a cat wearing a pikachu hat with the caption i choose you and i always will you're my 1
a cat is sitting in the sink with its eyes open and it's saying i'm always tired but never of you
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the simpsons character is sleeping in bed with hearts on his head and text that reads, me going to bed thinking about you
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a cat laying on it's back with its paw in the air and text that says hey there i know you're busy, but i just wanted to let you know
an orange cat laying on top of a bed with the caption i know that you're asleep right now, but i miss you
i miss u Barbie, Chat, Cute Cat, Gatos
i miss u
a toaster with the words, are you bread? i want u inside of me
a cat is laying down with its eyes wide open and the caption says, how is my favorite person doing?
an orange cat peeking out from under a white comforter with pink hearts on it