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a young man holding flowers in his hands
a man sitting on top of a chair next to a window holding a clipboard
a quote from the book god will never leave you empty he will replace everything
Dios nunca te dejara basio. El remplasara todo lo perdido. Cuando Dios te pida que dejes algo, es porque tienes que recoger algo mejor y mas grande. con las manos llenas de cosas inecesarias no puedes recoger lo que de verdad nececitas. (vasia tu corazon de las costumbres y llenalo de las bendiciones de Dios)
john 1 29 with the words, behold the lamb of god that takes away the sin of the world
Scapegoat Studio Good Friday Banner Behold
Scapegoat Studio Good Friday Banner Behold
Joel 2:25 Motivation, Faith, Faith Quotes, All You Need Is
Joel 2:25
a drawing of a man in white shirt and black pants with his hand on his head
Re ° / # 1611102 - Zerochan
the sun and planets are drawn in black ink
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a drawing of a cabin in the woods with a fire coming out of it's chimney
Cute little cabin in the woods