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a poster with the words made in red ink on a white background that reads, nadic de moir delmuricacion de amo
a poster for the festival called cambiaro tono
EL BARÓN ROJO on Twitter
an image of people standing in front of flowers and plants with the words, almentacion un dereco humano
La Declaración de Roma en imágenes
three people standing next to each other with a speech bubble above them
Carteles líderes sociales en Colombia
a red poster with the outline map of spain in white on a bright red background
colorful hand prints on a black background
Direito penal e direitos humanos: uma possível harmonização mediada pelo garantismo
an image of people raising their hands in the air with spanish text above them that reads, el mundo puede cambiar, pero va hacer
a man standing on top of a map
a shoe with a cross on top of it in front of a blue sky and clouds
Carteles líderes sociales en Colombia
an orange and black poster with the words derechos humanos written in spanish
Javier Mariscal