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How to say "I Am Learning Japanese" in Japanese, and Other Essential Phrases for Your First Conversations in Japanese

Conversation is an essential part of language learning. If you’ve recently started learning Japanese, you’re probably excited and nervous about having your first real live conversation with a native speaker! Maybe you’ve travelled to Japan,

Japanese insults

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Getting Started with Kanji

With thousands to learn, kanji can intimidate a newcomer to the Japanese language. But you can discover the appeal of kanji by learning a few basic examples.

Japanese Seasons v2.0 by TheFightingGoddess on DeviantArt

Here is another version of my Japanese Seasons Can you tell me please which one do you like most? Thank you! Japanese Seasons v2.0

[427]  くるま  |  kuruma  |  car Kanji available on...

[427] くるま | kuruma | car Kanji available on Patreon!

[292]  かがく  |  kagaku  |  chemistry

[292] かがく | kagaku | chemistry

[246]  あめ  |  ame  |  rain

[246] あめ | ame | rain

Pronomes Possessivos em Japonês | Curiosidades do Japão

Na gramática japonesa, os pronomes possessivos são muitos simples de se aprender e memorizar. Basta acrescentar a partícula "の" (no) após o sujeito da frase.

[21]  えんぴつ  |  enpitsu  |  pencil

[21] えんぴつ | enpitsu | pencil

[370]  ツタ  |  tsuta  |  ivy

[370] ツタ | tsuta | ivy

[305]  はかり  |  hakari  |  scale

[305] はかり | hakari | scale

[347]  おしいれ  |  oshiire  |  closet

[347] おしいれ | oshiire | closet

[316]  アレルギー  |  arerugii  |  allergy

[316] アレルギー | arerugii | allergy

[524]  しかい  |  shikai  |  dentist For all the...

[524] しかい | shikai | dentist For all the kanji and to support A RIngo A Day have a look at my Patreon!

[117]  キリン  |  kirin  |  giraffe

[117] キリン | kirin | giraffe