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a paper cut out of an eagle sitting on top of a table
4th of July Handprint & Footprint Crafts
4th of July Handprint & Footprint Crafts {Round Up} - Fun ...
an easter bunny made out of toilet paper on top of a wooden table next to a wall
Easy Easter Bunny Ears Headband Craft
Easy Easter Bunny Ears Headband Craft
a young boy wearing a monkey hat with his hands in the air and looking at the camera
4 Fun Zoo-Themed Party Crafts for Kids (and 1 for Mom) · Kix Cereal
Monkey Hat craft for kids
a woman wearing a cow hat and smiling
Cow ear hat craft. Could possibly change to another animal. Pigs?
the ladybug party hat has cute idea and could be used as a decoration
Valentine Party Ideas
love bug hats for valentines day
a door decorated to look like a lion with orange strips on it's face
Snowman FREEBIE & Jungle Doors! - K is for Kinderrific
Jungle+Theme+Classroom+Door | also included a set of B word cards, in case you wanted to print ...
an animal track sign with arrows pointing in different directions
Animal Tracks Book
DIY Animal Tracks book with a link to the printables.----- has a link to Montessori for Everyone, a site that has a lot of free printables for Montessori-type materials.
several different kinds of toothbrushes with animals on them
Icecream Stick Animal Bookmarks
Popscicle stick animal bookmark Ice cream Stick Animal Bookmarks crafts age5 7 age3 5 age2 3 Craft Classes Animal Crafts
some very cute little magnets made to look like bugs and ladybug's
Plastic Bottle Recycling Ideas
(DIY and Crafts) Plastic Bottle Cap Animals... cute
the life cycle of a chicken on a paper plate with handprints and finger prints
15 Baby Animal Days / Farm Crafts for Kids
I HEART CRAFTY THINGS: 15 Baby Animal Days / Farm Crafts for Kids
the top ten crafts for kids to make with their farm animals and barnyards
Barn Crafts and Recipes
FARMER'S DAY is October 12th! - Here's a ton of Barn Crafts & Recipes to do with the kids.