Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Some of my favorite cleaning tips and tricks to get your house sparkling clean for less!
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Cleaning Hack: Homemade Detergent UNDER $40!
Make a year's worth of homemade laundry detergent for cheap! Don't miss this frugal cleaning hack!
a living room with grey couches and white walls, the words how to make your home feel more spacious without renovating
How to Make Your Home Feel More Spacious Without Renovating
Feeling cramped at home? Learn how to make your home feel more spacious without renovating. Discover practical tips on decluttering, using light colors, optimizing storage, and more to create a larger, more open living space.
someone holding up a glass with blue liquid in it and the words how to remove baked on grease from pans
How To Remove Baked On Grease!
It's so easy to remove baked-on grease from your cookware. If your pans are tough to clean, try this! I HATE seeing this buildup, but it's so SIMPLE to remove. Read on to see how!
a hand holding a ring with the words 3 ingredient diy jewelry cleaner on it
DIY Jewelry Cleaner at Home!
Just 3 Items To Clean Your Rings and More!
how to properly clean a lampshade with the help of a professional dryer
How to Clean a Lampshade
Lampshades are a necessary part of home decor and lighting plans, but they can also be notorious dust collectors. Today I'm sharing my favorite little trick for how to clean a lampshade quickly and easily.
a bottle of water sitting on top of a table next to newspapers and magazines with text overlay that reads homemade window cleaner
Just 3 Ingredients!
This homemade window cleaner is cheap and super easy to make!
how to make air freshener jars for valentine's day or any special occasion
The BEST DIY Gel Air Freshener
You won't believe how easy it is to make these air fresheners. With these easy DIY air fresheners, you can make any room in your house smell wonderfully inviting. Using simple ingredients and any of your favorite oil scents, you can DIY your own air freshener for your home or give it as a gift. To gift these air fresheners, just top it off with cute fabric and a pretty ribbon.
Cleaning Hack: Homemade Detergent UNDER $40!
Make a year's worth of homemade laundry detergent for cheap! Don't miss this frugal cleaning hack!
the ingredients for homemade window cleaner sitting on top of a counter with text overlay
Homemade Window Cleaner
Try this homemade window cleaner – it uses 3 simple ingredients you probably have on hand. It really is the best window cleaner!
a woman in yellow gloves cleaning a mirror with a rag on her head and the words easy cleaning schedules for working moms
Easy Cleaning Schedules For Busy Moms
Struggling to find time for cleaning as a busy mom? Check out these awesome daily routines for working moms. They work great for anyone with a full-time job, stay-at-home mom, and more!
two plastic containers filled with pink sponges sitting on top of a table next to an oven
DIY Laundry Sponges
Dryer sheets make your laundry soft and smell good but have too many harmful chemicals. Learn how to make homemade laundry sponges from Smart School House, and you'll never have to purchase dryer sheets again! This DIY laundry sponge recipe is easy to do and keeps your family's laundry soft and safe from chemicals. Make your own laundry sponges today!
dishwasher with the words how to clean your dishwasher
How to Clean A Dishwasher!
It's important to know how to clean a dishwasher as well as how to clean a dishwasher filter. All you need is vinegar and baking soda!
the mattress topper has seven tips to clean it
7+ Super Tricks for Cleaning a Foam Mattress Topper
All mattress toppers, including a latex mattress topper, wool mattress topper, and memory foam mattress topper, must be kept clean. Use baking soda paste or a DIY spray to clean your mattress pad and prevent dirt from reaching it with a mattress protector. #clean #mattress #topper
a woman is cleaning the dryer with a blue spray bottle and water in it
How To Easily Clean You Dryer!
If you think you're dryer vent is clean just because you scoop out the lint trap after every load…. think again. Here's how to make sure your dryer stays clean!
a can of stainless stainless steel next to a sink
How To Remove Rust Stains From Stainless Steel - just 2 ingredients you probably have already at home!