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a white and gold cake with black flowers on top is sitting in a box next to a sign that says 50 and fabulous
50 & Fabulous Cake Topper 50 and Fabulous 50th Birthday - Etsy Canada
many different types of appetizers are arranged on a tray
a glass plate topped with fruit and chocolate covered pastries on top of a wooden table
a table topped with lots of fruits and veggies on skewered sticks
Pretty Party
an assortment of appetizers are displayed on a table
strawberries, bananas and blueberries are arranged on skewers to look like the cat in the hat
Festa mais saudável
small appetizers with olives and meat on skewers are displayed on an orange plate
several sausages and cheese on skewers with toothpicks in the middle
several small sandwiches are arranged on a wooden platter with toothpicks in them
Torta Fria no Palito