Анжелика 10.05.24

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there are many white flowers in the vases on the table and one is tall
an elegant bar with flowers and greenery on the counter in a white walled room
white flowers are arranged in vases on a table with wine glasses and silverware
the centerpieces on this table are white and purple flowers
the table is covered with green cloths and white flowers
Зеленая свадьба. Свадьба в зеленом цвете. Лесная свадьба.
white flowers and greenery on display in front of a sign with the words love you
a woman in white dress walking down a walkway
a black table topped with a vase filled with white and green flowers next to a window
Gallery 3 — Aiku Floral*
a table with white flowers and greenery on it in front of a large window