Emart Sunny Sale Campaign - 3D Shadow QR Code

Emart Sunny Sale Campaign - Shadow QR Code Interesting QR code campaign which is created by a sculpture between each day.

Welcome to the smallest IKEA store in the World

Presenting IKEAs smallest store in the world, yet perhaps its also the biggest banner ad ever seen, fitting all products inside the banner, equivalent to every single product in an entire IKEA store.

The VIP Fridge Magnet

The VIP Fridge Magnet from Dubai's Red Tomato Pizza allows customers to order their favourite pizza at the touch of a button.

Esta es una idea que toma ventaja de una técnica de estafa popular en Facebook para difundir el "virus" de la sensibilización sobre el SIDA.

In Brazil, surveys have shown that the number of HIV cases keeps growing among young people. The radio Station Mix FM could have an important role in this sc.

#foursquare GranataPet Snack Check / Success-Story

Great use of social media in this clever dog food campaign!