Pandebonos - Colombian cheese bread, I am soooo happy I found this recipe. You have to eat these until you feel downright guilty!

Ajiaco Bogotano

During this time of year it's really good to have a little bit of hot soup to get warmed. What better soup than Ajiaco Bogotano, one of the most popular dishes in Colombia. This soup's main ingred.

Deditos de Queso

Deditos de Queso, Colombian food, appetizer, Cheese fingers, No fry alternative to mozzarella sticks {[ She's AWESOME! she has the recipe in both Spanish AND English.Im still learning Spanish :-) ]}

Lechona Casera

This is my very easy version of this delicious meal where all the flavour is concentrated in the technique of slow cooking. This a very traditional dish

Posta Negra

Posta Negra is a great dish from Cartagena, on the coast of Colombia. There is not a unique recipe for this meat dish, but I think there are many

Bollo de Maíz

The corn muffin, more commonly known as 'bollo', is an indigenous corn dough wrapped in corn leaves that is cooked in boiling water.


The enyucado is a traditional dessert from the Caribbean region of Colombia.