Your Ultimate Guide To Medellin, Colombia: What To See + Do

Invited to go this summer hopefully will be able to! The Quick and Dirty Guide to Visiting Medellin, Colombia

Discover El Peñon de Guatape in El Peñol, Colombia: A ten-million-ton rock once worshiped by the Tahamies Indians, accessed by an astounding staircase.

Beautiful Medellin -

Beautiful Medellin -

From JF: Hey. Walking distance, 1 block from our hotel. It is enormous, really great shops.Centro Comercial Santafé en Feria de Flores - Medellín, Colombia by Oscar Soto

Exploring Botero’s Fat Sculptures in Medellin

The Fat Horse, Fernando Botero Located in El Prat, the Barcelona airport, it is an allusion to the Trojan Horse, and symbolizes humans traveling all around the world.

Taught my students about Botero this year. 'Mujer Sentada (Sitting Woman)' by Columbian artist Fernando Botero via Perfil

The City of Medellín has a number of impressive colonial churches, most of them Dating back to the

From JF: We road this same metro yesterday. Nothing like the scary and smelly ones in NY. These were a cool way to get around in Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia.

I chose to start living in Medellin, Colombia for many reasons, a lot of expats have decided to move to the country since its on the rebound and living in colombia