Zara Basics Floral Crop Top 🌹🍃💕 Zara Basic floral crop top 💕🍃🌹  💙Super chic and fashionable that makes a statement with any outfit. 💙  🌈 Zipper detailing running all the way down the back. 🌈  ‼️NWOT‼️ NEVER WORN‼️👍  🦋MEASUREMENTS🦋  Shoulders: 20”(F) 40”(A)  Chest: 19”(F) 38”(A)  Waist: 17”(F) 34”(A)  Length: 16 3/4”   ‼️PLEASE READ‼️  Tag reads L but can fit a M based on desired fit and measurements given ☺️  ✨88% Polyester✨ ✨12% Elastane ✨ Zara Tops Crop Tops Zara Basics, Floral Crop Tops, Zara Basic, Zipper Detail, Way Down, Zara Tops, The Way, Crop Top, Zara