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The [Metric] Versatile Garage Shop Workbench - Digital Plans

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This listing is for the digital plans (in METRIC) for the "Versatile Workbench" as featured on the Shop Nation YouTube channel which is sure to increase your garage shop efficiency! This piece of shop furniture is intended to be used as an out feed table for your table saw, general workbench, and/or assembly table. The design is modular in nature so customizing to fit your exact needs is fairly easy. The workbench measures 1829mm long by 1219mm wide by 877mm tall. The height was chosen so that it would work with most table saws, who have a height of 35" (889mm).
There is a full build series on my YouTube channel (Shop Nation) if you would like to follow along. The first build video is set to release in late January 2021.
The approximate cost for building the workbench as designed with all of the bells & whistles is ~$1600 (this will of course vary for everyone)
Wood only - $475
Dust Collection System - $380
Electrical System - $75
Hardware - $250
Everything Else - $500 (router lift, T-Track, etc)
Tag me on social if you're building this project (@dreamshopnation on Instagram) with the hashtag #shopgreatness. When you purchase these plans you can request the latest revision at any time - for no additional charge! Happy building!!!
With purchase of the plans you are entitled to latest version if you ask me!
Version 1.2 (1/23/2021)
Released for sale on 1/27/2021
Version 2.0 (8/17/2022)
Updated QR Codes, minor formatting, updated materials list, added detail for mounting router paddle switch
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