the spelling activity for spelling and matching words with pictures
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Spell-a Word Vowel Teams/R-Controlled Vowels/Word Building/Spelling/Literacy Center/Tapping/Decoding/Segmenting/Homeschool/Print and Learn

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Are you looking for a way to give your students practice applying spelling skills independently? This vowel teams and r-controlled vowels spelling activity is a fun and engaging way for children to practice segmenting sounds to build words. It makes a great small group, partner, or independent center activity during your literacy block.
Just print, laminate, and cut apart the picture cards and letter tiles. I have grouped the words into sets of 6, but you can arrange the sets to your liking.
Children will line the picture cards along the left side of the desk or floor. Scatter all the letter tiles face up on the other side. Name a picture, tap out the sounds needed to spell the word, and then spell the word next to the picture with the letter tiles.
This resource covers the following standards: CCSS RF.1.3c, RF.2.3b; TEKS LA.1.2.B.iii, LA.2.2.B.iii; VASOL R.2.4.b
✨This Resource Includes✨
letter tiles to spell 60 words with vowel teams, r-controlled vowels, and some digraphs and blends
picture cards with a list of each picture name
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