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Snowy Solfege: Stick-to-Staff Notation Activities {La}

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Do you need more ways to practice the melodic concept la in the winter? Snowy Solfege is a fun and easy way to assess your students' ability to transfer melodic patterns from stick notation to staff notation.
Included in this set:
1. Directions for Use
2. Snowy Solfege Interactive PDF (with active hyperlinks): Students will choose a snowflake staff pattern that matches each snowman's stick notation sign. If correct, students will be directed to a "Hooray!" page. If incorrect, students are directed to an "Oops!" page. Use this interactive game in a whole group, small group, or centers workstation setting.
3. Snowy Solfege Stick-to-Staff Manipulatives: Students can match up the stick notation and staff notation of many la patterns. Have your students work individually, in small groups, or use these manipulatives in a centers workstation. These come in both a colored and black and white format.
4. Snowy Solfege Writing Patterns in the Staff Worksheet: Take an assessment on your students' ability to write patterns in the music staff. The students will see a stick notation pattern on each snowman's sign. Their job is to transfer the pattern into the music staff.
5. Snowy Solfege Stick-to-Staff Notation Match-Up Worksheet: Take an assessment on your students' ability to match stick notation and staff notation patterns. Students will draw a line from each snowman's stick notation sign to the music staff it matches.
No clef is used in the music staff. Instead, the first pitch is shown for each pattern. Melodic pitches used: mi-so-la. Rhythms used: Ta (quarter note) and Ti-Ti (eighth notes).
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