a computer screen shot of some type of object that is in the process of modeling

Sci-fi energy node vol 2 | 3D Sci-Fi | Unity Asset Store

Textures (4096x4096): \n \n1) Albedo \n2) MetallicSmoothness \n3) Normal \n4) AO \n5) Emission \n \nLink to Sketchfab: click me\n \n \nMy website: https://nikiyani.github.io\n \n \nLODs: \n \nlod0 - 6511 tris, \nlod1 - 4881 tris, \nlod2 - 3252 tris, \nlod3 - 1627 tris. \n \nFormats: \n1) .fbx \n2) .png \n3) .obj \n4) .dae \n \nSoftware used: \n1) Blender \n2) Substance Painter \n3) Marmoset Toolbag \n4) CrazyBump \n ","aiDescription":"


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