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Vintage Craig Zweifel Signed Art Glass Smoke Blue Gray Goblets - Set of 2

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This pair of circa 1975 goblets were made by master glassblower Craig Zweifel (1944 - ). The goblets have thick pedestal bases and long stems, each of which has a knob-like shape at the bottom. The bowls of the goblets have been formed with the suggestion of an hourglass shape and have flared rims. As seen in the accompanying photos, the goblets have been made in an unusual smokey blue-gray color and display beautifully.
The glasses are in very good condition with no chips or cracks. It should be noted that there are production related anomalies in the glass including waviness and small air bubbles which are mentioned for accuracy. As the goblets were made individually, there are variations in size and shape which include differences in height, bowl size and the diameter of the feet. Both pieces are signed/dated by the artist on the top of their pedestal bases and read "ZWEIFEL" and "'75".
The taller glass stands 8.5" and is 2.75" in diameter as measured from the outside edge of the mouth. The foot is 3.125" in diameter. The shorter glass stands 8.375" and is 2.875" in diameter as measured from the outside edge of the mouth. The foot is 2.625" in diameter.
This striking set of goblets would make a wonderful addition to a collection of Zweifel pieces or to a wider collection of fine art glass. A lovely find!
A note on the maker: Zweifel received his Master's degree in Glass Design from UCLA in 1974 and established a studio in Ketchum, Idaho where he remained for 30 years. He moved to Southern Oregon in 2004 and set up a new studio there where he continues to hand blow glass today. Each of Zweifel's pieces are created individually without the use of molds or machines.
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