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Blooming Paradise - Washable Rug - JR188 - Runner / 2' X 4'

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Why Choose JUSTRUG? Top 10 Reasons It's the Best Machine Washable Rug
Discover the cool fusion of style and comfort with our machine-washable rugs from Türkiye. Handcrafted perfection meets easy cleaning. Choose a rug that's tailored just for you!
Toss in the wash. Voilà! Our rugs are your easy-living dream. Toss them in the machine and watch them emerge spotless without any color fading (just skip the bleach!).
Easy Cleaning
Got a bigger rug? No fret. Spot or professional cleaning keeps it looking brand new. And yes, bleach is still off-limits.
Non-Slip Backing
Pet-Friendly, Kid-Friendly & Hypoallergenic
Play, frolic, breathe easy! Our rugs blend bustling home durability with allergen-free comfort.
Made for the hustle and bustle, these rugs are ready for high-footfall areas, maintaining their allure.
One-Piece Design
Embrace simplicity with our one-piece design that makes cleaning a breeze and maintains top-notch appearance, offering over 1,000 designs from minimalist to ornate to suit every décor enthusiast.
Free Shipping
Shipping's on us! Regular sizes 4-7 working days. Extra large (> 9' x 11') Up to 10 working days. A small wait for artisan excellence.
Made in Türkiye
Our rugs bear the stamp of Türkiye's rich rug-making heritage, offering unparalleled craftsmanship.
An eco-friendly pick! Our made-to-order process crafts a rug that's uniquely yours, minimizing waste.
Supreme Material
Step into luxury with a cotton base. Crafted from the finest materials, every step is a plush, comforting experience, echoing timeless class.
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