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Aubergine & Blue Balmoral Oxfords

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Aubergine and Blue Balmoral Cap toe Oxfords in Suede and Calf. These unique shoes offer a splash of personality to a traditionally conservative shoe style. Two-tone shoes are the choice of highly evolved shoe-lovers. This is our statement on two-toned style formal shoes. Stefano Bemer breached the code of the Balmoral (that should have no seams on the lower part of the upper) by adding his signature reversed curve that forms the Swallow bird wing. The Classica Collection is our first and still most popular line. Hand-lasted and welted by hand, it features our signature "swallow bird" burgundy shank sole, which is sewn by hand with a traditional Duer machine. Part of our Classica Collection, these shoes come with individual wool dust bags, lasted wooden shoe trees and our leather maintenance kit with wax, small brush and spare laces, all in a beautiful wooden box for proper storage. Product Code: C6321 Material: French suede and Museum Calf Stefano Bemer’s signature and most recognizable last is the J, which elegantly and sensually enhances the curve of the instep towards the ball line. The elongated nose, elevated instep, generous ball line (close to an E) and slim toe box give this last a contemporary look without diminishing its elegance.Here is our Size Conversion Chart. If in doubt, here is a “Fitting Shoes” service: pick as many fitting shoes as you wish to try on and, when you receive them, we'll consult with you to assist choosing the right size and best fitting lasts for your foot, based on your feedback.