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Own a Blue Persian Longhair  But mine is much more beautiful xxx

Domestic Cat, Blue Persian Longhair

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^ "Blue" Persian

10+ Most Popular Flat Faced Cat Breeds in The World

Persian Blues, once considered the apex of the breed, have been interbred with other colors to produce a more uniform type. Their pale silver-blue coats are most beautiful when viewed in natural light.

TambU bought a beautiful Persian cat with her first payment.

This fluffy and cute persian cat was this judges number 1 cat. Not too surprising, since persians usually do well and are popular in the cat show ring.

The weather is getting colder and you might be worrying about the cats you see living in your neighborhood.

Ways To Keep Outdoor Cats Safe In The Winter

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Persian Cat Breed Information and Photos

This is a guide about Persian cat breed information and photos. These long haired beauties are an old breed, originating in the middle east.