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spiritual awakening

Published on March 23, 2022
Spiritual awakening is not a sudden burst of wisdom on you, this is a myth most of us have
    Spirituality is a journey to find yourself, your real self, the way u are.
      It is the combined result of all insights and revelations u get through meditation and mindfulness
        There is nothing special or too exciting about it rather it is sad to hear that we have taken so much time to realise the pure nature of ourselves
          This rationale bars many people even to start their spiritual journey, it's already within us we don't need to think that we can not have that , the reality it is the very basis of our existence, u can not exist without the existence of consciousness as someone said it -choiceless freedom.
            Who is saying iI can not do that or it is too far for me -its mind, not u the consciousness, it is the same consciousness which is writing this and it is the same consciousness which is thinking I can not have it, consciousness somehow get identified with the content of mind
              The whole spiritual process is polishing the mirror (mind)to get real consciousness reflected in it the way it is -Swami Vivekanand
                We only need to change our mindset through sadhanas yogis and Rishis has given us, hence get up and progress one day or the other u and I have to realise that we are one.

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