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Magnificent Multicolored Sealife | Dusky's Wonders - Inspiring colors for a quilt or granny square blanket! 4U from #KnittingGuru http://www.KnittingGuru.etsy.com

The crazy colorful world of Zoanthids - soft coral. It is so vividly colored, it looks like a patchwork quilt!

Under the sea - zoo's

"Inside of beautiful water" by Sonoe Nakao // Soft Coral, Zoanthus erythrochloros/ I love these colors

U n d e r  t h e  S e a

Turquoise Fish Among The Coral. (Jennifer May says: Those are aqua (also referred to as "blue-green") Chromis reef fish.

Coral, Zooanthids  ♥ ♥ www.paintingyouwithwords.com

♒ ĊṜƹคŤʊṜƹ§ ᎧŦ Ťђє §ƹค ♒ <º))))>< ~ Coral Reef Rainbow Zoanthids

coral zoanthids

Coral zoanthids - inspiration for a bag/pillow - do loops (like crochet animal hair) for the purple parts

Orange Cup Coral, Tubastraea coccinea, Flower Corals

Orange Cup Coral, Tubastraea coccinea, Flower Corals I love these they look like 🌻 sunflowers w teeth

Turt Amazing World beautiful amazing

Green Sea Turtle sitting on a colorful coral reef underwater in the ocean by Soren Egeberg Photography, via Shutterstock


sea sponge/ lighthouse reef, belize This sponge can absorb tons of water every hour


inspiration- not just the forests, there could be coral growths as well. Zoanthid corals have fluorescing properties adding brilliant colors under actinic lighting in an aquarium.

Коралловые zoanthids:

“The sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure.” ~~ Cornelia Funke, Inkheart (Il colore e' poesia dell'anima)