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Trini Guzmán's Embroideries Combine Bold Stitches and Vibrant Color

Trini Guzmán creates embroideries that have a bold sense of color that adorns clothing as well as hoop art. This imagery often takes the form of flowers.

Calgary-based embroiderer Maria Arseniuk adorns geometric-style portraits of animals with sculptural stitched bouquets and floral wreaths.

Animals Adorned with Stitched Blooms by Maria Arseniuk

calgary-based embroiderer maria arseniuk adorns geometric-style portraits of animals w/ sculptural stitched bouquets & floral wreaths.


A arte de Izziyana Suhaimi

Denim Jacket Embroidery by Ezgi Pamir | embroidery | modern embroidery | floral crowns

Denim Jacket Embroidery Offers a Snapshot of Pop Culture

Tsuru Bride

Tsuru Bride's Embroideries Celebrate the Strength of Women

Tsuru Bride is the pseudonym of Meghan Willis, a Brooklyn-based embroidery artist whose textile works celebrate women& strengths and sexuality.

Slow Stitch Sophie

Slow Stitch Sophie's Embroideries Resembling Landscapes of Wildflowers

Taking it "one stitch at a time," embroiderer Slow Stitch Sophie creates splendor of tiny, colorful blooms.