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Infant's cap American, first half of century United States

Most of cap composed of alternating diagonal bands of white cotton with small-scale embroidered floral design and bands of bobbin lace, cap crown embroidered whote cotton with details of floral designs in net.

Baby cap in cotton mull with cotton embroidery ad linen tape; Museum of Fine Arts, nr.

Background of split dot design, in center of cap crown and forehead band a repeat of daisy-like blossoms grouped in threes with feathery foliage; drawstrings in frong and back edges.

Baby cap of cotton with cotton embroidery; Museum of Fine Arts, nr.

Infant's cap American, probably first half of century United States

Woman's cap Regional cap French, second half of the century France

Baby cap in brocaded cotton and embroidered cotton gauze; Museum of Fine Arts, nr.

First half century, Europe - Cap - Cotton mull with cotton embroidery, linen bobbin lace insertion, and silk ribbon Mais